We are training + riding and why you should join.

We all work long hours, we sit in front or our screens all day, sometimes long nights as well. Sometimes our eyes are dry, our back hurts from the crouching, we stretch for a second and think – if only I had moved a little today, but there is NO TIME. We all have this feeling that there is not enough time for all the things we should, or would like to be doing.

Here are three well known arguments about why we should dedicate time to physical exercise (in this case cycling), and why you might actually gain more than what you lose in net time. Physical exercise makes your brain work better. There are numerous studies praising the benefits of bodily fitness: memory, concentration, creativity and can help you sleep better!  It is also good for your mental health.

Our favorite reason though is that taking part in the bike ride means you get to be part of a community. It means having shared experiences between people who either didn’t know each other before, or hardly see each other and would like to socialize in a different, fun way. It is not about a competition, not about winning, but about helping each other and achieving a goal together–building working relationships with other researchers through informal networking.

Do you need more reasons to sign up to ride with us to ISWC2018?

Read the training testimonials of some of our committed crew:

Laura and Annalisa on a training run in Lyon at the Web Conference.











While generally being part of the “no time team” I’ve been slowly sneaking in more activities in my schedule. I go swimming and for easy runs, planned some cycling trips and will hope for the best. Thankfully there are still a few months left to get ready for the ride. But the good thing is: this is not a race! If it’s too much we’ll push the bike on the hardest parts. So if you are not sure if you should join the bike ride because it might be too tough – come join! You won’t be cycling alone.


At metaphacts, we have a very sporty team. Most of us come to work by bike. We also like running, here are some of us at the recent “Firmenlauf Walldorf”, a run with local and global companies such as SAP and metaphacts:

As you see, even the youngest are joining us and are having fun. I also recently ran a half marathon in Heidelberg, which is known for its steep climbs. So I hope to be well prepared to cross the mountains to Monterey in October  😉


So, how to train for this epic event in the flat country that is the Netherlands? Spinning lessons and strength training! At the start of May, I joined a gym to get in shape for the ISWC bike ride, I got a training programme that not only involves biking, but also strength training to build the muscle that should help me stay in the saddle for 5+ hours. Twice a week, I now get endorphined up before work at a spinning class (the Wednesday class is chill, Friday’s class is crazy!) and I throw in some leg presses, chest presses and more such fun in once a week. Now I just need to fix an actual racing bike to try out some longer outdoor bike rides this summer 🙂  


As the “local host” of the bike ride I am on mission to make sure the path we take is comfortable for all participants. Last weekend I tested the first leg of the journey, from San Jose to Santa Cruz and to reassure everyone: “the hill is not as steep as it seems!”.

The first hour or so is mainly in San Jose city, it’s all flat. Admittedly this is the least attractive portion of the ride, but bare with me…

After entering the Los Gatos Creek trail things become prettier. Trail road is not the easier for road bikes but this is fairly comfortable, we have an excuse to slow down and enjoy the views, especially when reaching the Lexington reservoir

Santa Cruz old highway is where the incline begins, but it is spread over more than 10km so it is very gentle. I picked a hot summer day which made it interesting

After Summit road is all the way down, sit back and relax!


More details on the ride and how to sign up: http://iswc2018.semanticweb.org/bike-ride/

The Strava activity of the ride is here – if you use Strava join our ISWC2018 training group

A big thanks to Metaphacts for their support of the bike ride!