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Towards a practical implementation of contextual reasoning on the semantic web

Surf & Sand October 9, 2018 12:00 - 12:15

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Sahar Aljalbout.  

Abstract:  Contextual knowledge representation and reasoning is an old issue on the semantic web. Despite the fact that context representation has for a long time been treated locally by many semantic web practitioners, a recognized and widely accepted consensus regarding the precise ways of encoding and even more reasoning on contextual knowledge has not yet been reached by far. In this dissertation, we introduce an approach to represent and reason over contextual knowledge in RDF, while committing to a formally defined semantics of a contextual description logic. Our key contribution is the definition of a formally solid contextual model (not only for contextual knowledge representation but also for contextual reasoning) which is practically applicable using existing semantic web languages and tools.

Keywords:  Contexts;  Contextual OWL;  Contextual OWL 2 RL