That’s Interesting, Tell Me More! Finding Descriptive Support Passages for Explaining Knowledge Graph Relationships

Chapel October 12, 2018 14:40 - 15:00

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Sumit Bhatia, Purusharth Dwivedi and Avneet Kaur.  

Abstract:  We address the problem of finding descriptive explanations of facts stored in a knowledge graph. This is important in high-risk domains such as healthcare, intelligence, etc. where users need additional information for decision making and is especially crucial for applications that rely on automatically constructed knowledge bases where machine learned systems extract facts from an input corpus and working of the extractors is opaque to the end-user. We follow an approach inspired from information retrieval and propose a simple and efficient, yet effective solution that takes into account passage level as well as document level properties to produce a ranked list of passages describing a given input relation. We test our approach using Wikidata as the knowledge base and Wikipedia as the source corpus and report results of user studies conducted to study the effectiveness of our proposed model.

Keywords:  Explainability;  Textual descriptions;  Knowledge graphs;  relationships;  information retrieval