Synthesizing Knowledge Graphs from web sources with the MINTE+ framework

Chapel October 10, 2018 14:00 - 14:20

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Diego Collarana, Mikhail Galkin, Maria-Esther Vidal, Christoph Lange, Sören Auer and Simon Scerri.  

Abstract:  Institutions from different domains require the integration of data coming from heterogeneous Web sources. Typical use cases include Knowledge Search, Knowledge Building, and Knowledge Completion. We report on the implementation of the RDF Molecule-Based Integration Framework MINTE+ in three domain-specific applications: Law Enforcement, Job Market Analysis, and Manufacturing. The use of RDF molecules as data representation and a core element in the framework gives MINTE+ enough flexibility to synthesize knowledge graphs in different domains. We first describe the challenges in each domain-specific application, then the implementation and configuration of the framework to solve the particular problems of each domain. We show how the parameters defined in the framework allow to tune the integration process with the best values according to each domain. Finally, we present the main results, and the lessons learned from each application.

Keywords:  Data Integration;  RDF;  Knowledge Graph