Semantic Technologies for Healthy Lifestyle Monitoring

Fred Farr Forum October 11, 2018 14:20 - 14:40

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Mauro Dragoni, Marco Rospocher, Tania Bailoni, Rosa Maimone and Claudio Eccher.  

Abstract:  People are nowadays well aware that adopting healthy lifestyles, i.e., a combination of correct diet and adequate physical activity, may significantly contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases.
We present the use of Semantic Web technologies to build a system for supporting and motivating people in following healthy lifestyles. Semantic technologies are used for modeling all relevant information, and for fostering reasoning activities by combining real-time user-generated data and domain expert knowledge. The proposed solution is validated in a realistic scenario and lessons learned from this experience are reported.

Keywords:  Rule-based reasoner;  Healthy lifestyle monitoring platform;  Semantic technologies