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Semantic Model Extensibility in Interoperable IoT Data Marketplaces: Methods, Tools, Automation Aspects

Surf & Sand October 9, 2018 11:45 - 12:00

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Yulia Svetashova.  

Abstract:  The proposed research is concerned with the problem of extending semantic models used in the IoT data-sharing contexts with new terms suggested by domain experts and then validated by ontology engineers. The need for organizing the semantic model extension process in a distributed environment as a "modeling dialogue" (Hoppenbrouwers et al. 2005) is motivated, and the approach to introduce change requests hiding the complexity of a controlled formal change representation language via an ontology-enhanced user interface is described. To validate the approach, a series of experiments will be conducted with different groups of users (domain experts and ontology engineers) to measure the effects of the proposed communication procedure on the efficiency and perceived usability of performing change operations at different stages of the ontology evolution process. Finally, the steps towards partial automation of the validation process as well as possible future improvements are discussed.

Keywords:  Semantic Interoperability;  Internet of Things;  Data Marketplace;  Ontology Evolution;  Ontology-Enhanced User Interface;  Data Integration;  Metadata