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Recognition and reward system for peer-reviewers

Surf & Sand October 9, 2018 14:15 - 14:30

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Zeeshan Jan.  

Abstract:  Peer reviewing plays an important role in academic publishing process that scrutinizes and provides feedback of the scientific work prior to publication. Peer-reviewers are responsible for filtering out incorrect and fraudulent work and suggest improvements with clarity in the presented work. Peer-reviewers put their efforts in reviewing others research work voluntarily, without any expectations of incentives or rewards. The peer-review process is considered as a make or break mechanism for researchers careers, scientific discoveries and funding grants. The peer-review process has been criticized for its defects like slowness, bias and abuse of the process. However, these defects of the peer-review process need to be addressed and fixed, along with peer-reviewing efforts put by researchers need to be recognized, quantified and incentivized by the academia. In this paper, we present a model that introduces peer-review data-recording on the blockchain, as well as recognizes, quantifies and incentivizes peer-reviewers.

Keywords:  Peer-review;  Incentive;  Linked-data;  Blockchain.