Blue Sky Ideas

L’Inking You To A Knowledge Graph

Kiln October 11, 2018 11:30 - 11:45

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Riccardo Tommasini and Emanuele Della Valle.  

Abstract:  Towards a Qualifying-Self movement, in this paper, we present a possible yet outrageous way to better capture people personality, letting them define what best describes who they are as individuals. Our idea starts with one of the most ancient forms of art, which is also historical and distinctive sign of belongingness and artistic radicalness: Tattoos.
In this paper, we envision L'́Inked Tattoos, i.e., machine-readable representations of Tattoos that use semantic technologies to capture, represent, and share the tattoo meaning in a fully decentralized way. Tattoos can be processed by linked data-based systems that turn them into L'́Inked Tattoos without forsaking the artistic aspect. L'Inked Tattoos connects their owners to the knowledge graph, interlinking individuals via knowledgeable resources.

Keywords:  knowledge graph;  tattoos;  semantic web;  L'Inked Tattoos