Doctoral Consortium

High Quality Schema and Data Transformations for Linked Data Generation

Surf & Sand October 9, 2018 11:00 - 11:15

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Ben De Meester.  

Abstract:  High quality Linked Data is an important factor for the success of the Semantic Web. However, validation of generated Linked Data is not scalable, and not efficient in terms of computation and memory. Given Linked Data is typically generated from (semi-)structured data which highly influences the intrinsic dimensions of the resulting Linked Data quality, I investigate how a generation process can automatically be validated before rdf data is even generated. I propose (i) a generic approach to declaratively describe a generation process, and (ii) a validation approach for automatically assessing the quality of the generation process itself. By aligning declarative data and schema transformations, the generation process remains generic and independent of the implementation. The transformations can be automatically validated based on constraint rules that apply to the generated rdf data graph using custom entailment regimes. Preliminary results show the generation process of dbpedia can be described declaratively and (partially) validated.

Keywords:  Generation;  Linked Data;  Data Transformation