Drammar: a comprehensive ontological resource on drama

Merrill Hall October 11, 2018 11:00 - 11:20

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Vincenzo Lombardo, Rossana Damiano and Antonio Pizzo.  

Abstract:  This paper reports about the release of a comprehensive ontological resource on drama, called Drammar. Drama is pervasive across cultures and is realized through disparate media items. Drammar has been realized by a collaboration of computer scientists and drama scholars, who have built the formal representation through a wiki platform, which has supported the exchanging of definitional assets and the encoding of axioms. Drammar has been designed with the goals to describe and encode the core dramatic qualities and to serve as a knowledge base underlying a number of applications. The impact of the resource is displayed through its direct application in a few tasks and its extension to serve in novel projects in the digital humanities.

Keywords:  drama;  wiki;  digital humanities