A user-friendly interface to control ROS robotic platforms

Merrill Hall October 11, 2018 19:00 - 21:00

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Ilaria Tiddi, Emanuele Bastianelli, Gianluca Bardaro and Enrico Motta.  

Abstract:  In this work we present a user interface assisting non-expert users to design complex robot behaviours, hence facilitating the deployment of robot-integrated applications. Due to the increasing number of robotic platforms available for commercial use, robots are being approached by users with different backgrounds, whose interests lie in the high-level capabilities of the platforms rather than their technical architecture. Our interface allows non-experts to use a robot as a development platform, i.e. giving it high-level commands (e.g. autonomous navigation, vision, natural language generation) by relying on a basic ontology of high-level capabilities mapped on the robot low-level capabilities (e.g. communication, synchronisation, drivers) exposed by the most common robotic middleware ROS . To show how our work can sensibly reduce the efforts required for having robots achieving basic tasks, we propose a live demonstration in which the ISWC audience will remotely program a robot to achieve different tasks without any previous knowledge of ROS.

Keywords:  Knowledge Representation;  Robots;  Ontology Engineering