The Asilomar Hotel and Conference Grounds is the recommended accommodation site for ISWC 2018.¬†Asilomar offers accommodation in the form of ensuite rooms and cottages. A cozy, quaint design to all of Asilomar’s historic sleeping rooms, along with spectacular ocean views from many of the standard rooms, make Asilomar a very unique experience for its guests. Lodging at Asilomar includes breakfast and dinner (lunch is provided by the conference to all attendees).


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There are rooms with multiple beds available for sharing among several attendees. Roommate requests are made directly with Asilomar.

Alternative Accommodation

There are several other accommodation options within walking distance from the Asilomar Conference Grounds (see the map below). While some of these options may be cheaper than Asilomar, they would not provide a remotely similar experience compared to staying within the Asilomar State Park.



There are multiple accommodation options in nearby Monterey. Due to the distance between Asilomar and Monterey, it is recommended that attendees without a car find lodging within walking distance. This will ensure that attendees will make the most of their participation without worrying about the (limited) public transportation.

To get the best experience out of ISWC 2018, the local organization recommends that attendees find lodging at Asilomar. Rooms are limited!