About ISWC

ISWC is the premier venue for presenting innovative systems and research results related to the Semantic Web and Linked Data, attracting a large number of high quality submissions every year and participants from both industry and academia. ISWC brings together researchers from different areas, such as artificial intelligence, databases, natural language processing, information systems, human computer interaction, information retrieval, web science, etc., who investigate, develop and use novel methods and technologies for accessing, interpreting and using information on the Web in a more effective way.

Workshops & Tutorials

Besides the main technical program, ISWC hosts several workshops and tutorials on topics related to the general theme of the conference.

The role of the workshops is to provide a setting for focused, intensive scientific exchange among researchers and practitioners interested in a specific topic. As such, workshops are the primary venues for the exploration of emerging ideas as well as for the discussion of novel aspects of established research topics.

Additionally, ISWC 2018 features a tutorial program addressing the diverse interests of its audience: Semantic Web practitioners that wish to learn about new technologies, novices to the Semantic Web interested in introductory tutorials to key Semantic Web / Linked Data topics, government and industry representatives focusing on the applicability of Semantic Web / Linked Data technologies in practical settings.

Accepted Workshops & Tutorials

Overall, we received 31 workshop and tutorial proposals on varied upcoming and exciting topics listed here: http://iswc2018.semanticweb.org/workshops-tutorials.

The topics of the proposed events included healthcare, visualization, ontologies, architecture, crowdsourcing, interfaces, social media, music and knowledge graphs all related to the overall theme of the Semantic Web and its applications.

In a three-hour session, the chairs went through each and every submission, classified them into different topics and came to a conclusion together. Overall, we accepted 8 submissions as full-day events and 17 as half-day events (80% acceptance rate).

The decision on acceptance or rejection of a workshop or a tutorial proposal was made on the basis of the overall quality of the proposals and their appeal to a reasonable fraction of the Semantic Web community. Other factors, such as topical overlap with other workshop and tutorial proposals, or issues regarding logistics, were also taken into account when making the final decision. Overall, proposals were selected based on their topics and quality to (try to) ensure an attractive and balanced workshop and tutorial programm.

We are looking forward to an exciting, interesting and diverse workshop and tutorial program that would cater to the ISWC attendees.