Legal Ontologies and How to Choose Them: the InvestigatiOnt Tool

Merrill Hall October 11, 2018 19:00 - 21:00

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Valentina Leone, Luigi Di Caro and Serena Villata.  

Abstract:  Legal ontologies aim to provide a structured representation of legal concepts and their interconnections. These ontologies are then exploited to sup-port information extraction and question answering in the legal domain. In addition, given the raising importance of the Web of Data in public administration and in companies, being able to provide machine-readable legal information is becoming a valuable and desired contribution. The problem is that these ontologies are not always very transparent to end users, in particular if they lack legal knowledge. In this context, we present the InvestigatiOnt tool which aims to ease the interaction of end users with legal ontologies in order to spread the use of machine-processable legal information as well as its understanding.

Keywords:  legal knowledge representation;  legal ontologies;  decisional system