Mentoring Lunch

The Mentoring Lunch at the International Semantic Web Conference brings together graduate students and early-career researchers with experienced researchers from both, industry and academia for a lively discussion and question-answering session on a variety of topics. If you are a PhD student, a postdoc, or have just started an independent research career and would like to get advice on any of the round-table topics listed below, please join us at the specially designated tables during a lunch break (the date will be announced soon).

The mentors are all volunteers from the speakers, chairs, and other senior participants at the conference (the list of mentors will be announced soon).

If you would like to get advice from mentors, soon there will be a form where you can sign up for the mentoring lunch. We might be limited by the room capacity and by the number of mentors, so the first people to sign up will be automatically added to the list of attendees, the rest will be put on the waiting list (the registration will open soon).



Graduate Students


Early Career researchers


If you have questions and suggestions, please feel free to send email to



To be announced soon



Bo Fu

California State University, Oakland, CA, USA

Anisa Rula

University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, IT